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Nervous about starting!
I have a very difficult time committing to anything. I am really hoping that I discipline myself and get my rear in gear! Here it goes. I wish everyone the best!
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summer walking weight loss challenge, hello from a first timer
Just today I joined fatsecret and signed up for this challenge. I hope to hear from some members of the group so we can form a real support group. I'm a single walker with no one to push ...
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Started walking June 12th
I have not been one to walk much because it is difficult. I get out of breath easily but I like being in the outdoors. So as of Wednesday the 12th I started with only being able to make it to 10 min ...
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Went for a quick 40 minute walk last night. Good grief my legs are sore today. Maybe tonight I will try to do the stairs of death.We have this hill here and it has tons of stairs i always see people r ...
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started by Nicole Shaw12, 10 months ago.   
3 miles
Did 3 miles with Lesley Sandsone man I put some effort into it and it feels good! 3 miles is about 50 minutes. going for it again today :)
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started by lizette S, 10 months ago.   
Starting off great!
I get up every morning before my kids wake up and I have successfully been able to get in my 30 min walks each morning! I try to reach atleast 1.5 to 2 miles if possible. So far two days I've been ...
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started by Moma4C, 10 months ago.   
To encourage one another
Would it be easier for some to stay in touch via Facebook? I know it would be for me. So if you want some encouragement and you could return the favor ;) this is my Facebook account https://www.face ...
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started by JackieDawn, 10 months ago.   
Excited to Start!!!
So happy to see so many people join me on my exercise journey this summer. I started this challenge because I struggle with exercise, it's the missing piece in the puzzle for me. I wanted to do so ...
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No weights
What if you don't own weights and can't afford to buy any?
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