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I have been overweight in all my life.Surprisingly I was not an over eater but I used to skip my meals a lot and I loved sweets, may be that was the biggest reason of my being overweight. I tried many times to lose weight but could never succeeded. Because I did not have any strategy. Anyways the good news is that this time I have lost 6KG in 3 months. I have a proper plan now and that is always there in my mind. Two things which I take seriously are Exercise and Diet. I have been very regular in walking, counting my calories every time I eat something, no sugar at all and lots of salad. I do not eat stomach full rather leave some space. I suppose this increases our metabolism. I also drink hot water (2-3 glass) every day. It helped me in digesting my food faster. It takes time but if we are determined than we all can make it. Still I have a long way to go.
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This is tough......I,m spending ...
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