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Ever tried vegan camping? I had a couple of really good vegan camping meals. One was with a pie iron - I buttered bread with vegan butter and on the inside, I had prepared some Italian sausage (Upton brand) seitan with green onions, garlic, onions and mushrooms. I loaded that up in the center of the bread and added some daiya vegan cheddar. It was delicious! Oh! And what made it super delish is that I chopped up a fresh jalapeno pepper (with seeds) and added that in it too! It was very spicy and good. I gave a bite to my mother-in-law and she said that you would never know that wasn't sausage. She's totally not vegan and has probably never touched seitan in her lifetime. I also had pre-made homemade hummus. So I had some wraps with fresh spinach, that I had pre-washed, and cherry tomatoes. We love cherry tomatoes. Two very easy camping meals!
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