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23 Jul 14 by tempest_spirit on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 0.6 lb a week Up
22 Jul 14 by imahorsefreak on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
19 Jul 14 by hbrownOH on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
29 Jun 14 by tallb on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 2.2 lb a week Up
13 Jun 14 by Suzi Cue on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 0.7 lb a week Down
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5 minutes ago
Use the power of estimation :) or at least plug in foods similar to it. You just have to use common sense to know ...
9 minutes ago
Thanks for the support, hope you have a pleasant night.
22 minutes ago
There are just some days that if we make it thru the day without doing bodily injury to someone else, we can count ...
30 minutes ago
Believe me I know where you're coming from honey! I think that people around us are a bit dismissive about us ...
31 minutes ago
Thanks for all the support! It is awesome!
34 minutes ago
I'm glad you survived the crazies. Now onto Thursday! :)
34 minutes ago
Good luck with both, Kari :)
40 minutes ago
My daughter has PCOS and is finally pregnant and due Nov 1 after about 6 years of trying. Her doctors were very ...
45 minutes ago
Glad you came through the surgery well.That sucks about your sis. So glad you will be moving on your own soon.Good ...
about an hour ago
and maybe even better than that, I got on here and realized tomorrow I can have wheat or dairy! I did so good on ...