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81 to 90 of 100
18 Feb 13 by SinisterBomber on diet NutriSystem, steady weight Steady
01 Feb 13 by TerriJr1989 on diet NutriSystem
27 Jan 13 by sanbear1964 on diet NutriSystem
21 Jan 13 by kathi54nc on diet NutriSystem, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
23 Oct 12 by AkPlowGirl on diet NutriSystem
12 Oct 12 by msdixie on diet NutriSystem, steady weight Steady
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a minute ago
Thanks Never2old! :) I'm slowly adapting to it heheh.
a minute ago
A safe journey for you and the family. Blessings.
4 minutes ago
I am 5'5" Phooka. I measure my 'waist' at the widest part of my belly, just above my belly button. I don't know ...
6 minutes ago
Your doing it better than I hoped for. The 190s are within reach. go,go go
7 minutes ago
I am proud of your accomplishments. I've silently watched your progress & it has inspired me to restart my own ...
11 minutes ago
Best of luck at the vet. It's heartbreaking when it's their time as we all get so attached to our dogs (and cats ...
15 minutes ago
That 1 pound could be anything, trust me you will lose that in no time. Great job on the walking.
20 minutes ago
Thank you, friends. Yes, Isabel, that was Chris. I will do fine but it's one of those big, loud Italian houses ...
39 minutes ago
Sorry to hear of your loss's always tough to lose someone so young.
44 minutes ago
My condolences! He was way too young.