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3 minutes ago
My stepdaughter and her family are adopting a 10 year old boy from the UK in August.
4 minutes ago
Good job. Hope you achieve your lower calorie week as you've planned.
5 minutes ago
I'm gonna kick that visceral's a$$!
5 minutes ago
Good for you!!
9 minutes ago
One of my buddies said to try Go Veggie cheese slices, soy-based cheese, which has less fat than real cheese. I ...
18 minutes ago
Cozy food isn't bad as long as it's in moderation.
19 minutes ago
No way you can pass on that menu!
21 minutes ago
Good for you! All you can do is suck it up, own it and move on. It's also good to try and plan out your weekend, ...
26 minutes ago
I feel the same frustration at times about how quickly I can put the pounds on and how painfully slow it can be ...
35 minutes ago
I like sweating when i work out. I love the fact that my body is doing its job cooling off and showing me that ...