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Same weight after 15 days -losing and gaining 1kg
:| :| I do not know why but when I lose 1 kg three days later I gain the same amount .... I don't know what to do anymore . HELP!!
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started by pronto123.   
Opinion on Evox Lean Pro Diet Meal Shake and Herbalife formula 1
I'm 21 years old still living at home because we live close to the campus where I study so meal planning and cutting out pasta is getting extremely hard because my mom loves making pasta. So I was ...
12 replies, last reply by KimEbner, a week ago.   3,730 views.
started by daisy92.   
Have to start over, again.
Didn't eat right this past week, so I'm back on a healthy eating plan. Need to lose before June 21 for my grand-daughter's wedding. Everyone have a great day!
4 replies, last reply by 1000jean, a week ago.   707 views.
started by 1000jean.   
I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on the RDI. I think that it’s extremely high; my trainer has said a 1500 calorie diet is sufficient. Am I supposed to be under the RDI? I know... Stupid ...
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started by pell0122.   
totally lost
Trying to join and find someone who might be using Wonderslim nutritional supplements. Any help navigating this site would be very appreciated.
2 replies, last reply by rubejaks, a week ago.   105 views.
started by rubejaks.   
Net Carbs
Atkins requires you to calculate net carbs so can anyone tell me if there is any way to search foods and be able to view the net carbs and not just the full carb amount?
3 replies, last reply by JAMIERTR, a week ago.   2,715 views.
started by LH1985.   
weigh in
Ok, so Im new to the calorie counting. I figured I would give it a try since nothing else has worked. You certainly find out what you can and can not eat. lol. Im really trying to stick to 1000 calories ...
4 replies, last reply by notjune1, a week ago.   801 views.
started by brenda L T.   
Low calorie foods
What are some low calorie foods that keep you full for a long time?
15 replies, last reply by lovergirl654, a week ago.   1,439 views.
started by libertino85.   
Need morning energy during 16:8
Hi gang. NorthernMusician, I know you can help with this. Anybody else? I'm doing the 16:8 fast and not eating until noon, but recently I've been having trouble getting the brain started in the ...
40 replies, last reply by Draglist, a week ago.   7,432 views.
started by Draglist.   
BlackBerry 10 app?
Hey, I've got myself a new BlackBerry Z10 (amazing phone!) but there's no FatSecret app for it. Is there one in development? Thank you.
15 replies, last reply by jeffb_atwork, a week ago.   3,906 views.
started by ChrisBravoTown.   
Does anyone use ketone test strips for Atkins diet??
I'm interested in purchasing some ketone test strips, but having never used them before, I'm hesitant because I do not wish to waste my money if they don't work.... These are the ones that ...
3 replies, last reply by dylansmom0110, a week ago.   996 views.
started by jessberry.   
adding a new food
Hi, I have not been able to add any new foods. I keep getting a pop up screen stating the metric measure is not correct. I am sure that it is correct Please help Thanks
1 reply, last reply by FrostyLady, a week ago.   326 views.
started by glen cove.   
21lbs to go
Oct. 2013 I was up to 206l bs, today I'm 165 lbs. Easter is coming and I'm the cook. I will let my self have a small amout of all the no no's and be sure everyone takes food home so it won ...
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started by thergonz, a week ago.   
Ketogenic approach to weight loss and weight maintenance
Hello, I have found that a Ketogenic way of eating (I do not refer it to a diet but a change of life style) to be the most effective way to lose weight, reduce hunger pangs and keep muscle. I highly r ...
1 reply, last reply by dylansmom0110, a week ago.   484 views.
started by koekabolla.   
Need ideas for more PROTEIN please!
I'm trying to leave out as much carbs as possible this time around. Can you guys give me some ideas for more protein that I can add to my diet? Chicken worked well for me before, but I'm kind ...
66 replies, last reply by dylansmom0110, a week ago.   4,542 views.
started by Emerald17.   
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Diabetes Miracle, Phase 1
I've been following this approach for 5 weeks now. I expect to switch to Phase 2 (increased carbs, but still restricted in quantity and timing. I don't know what my blood sugar readings should ...
by Ldav7 on 17 Apr 14 10:20 AM
Restart - New Goal
Today is the first day of what will hopefully be my last restart! My new goal is to lose 100 pounds and then TUMMY TUCK! Haven't had a flat tummy since 10th grade and I am 49 years old. I love ...
by TJCoker on 17 Apr 14 09:19 AM
Massage envy
I want to know if drinking hot water would help in weightloss .Few of my friends told that they lost considerable amount of weight post drinking hot water frequently. [url= ...
by LukeGWinn on 17 Apr 14 08:41 AM
Fed up with counting calories and carbs - learning to trust myself with food.
I thought I was the only person who did that! When I'm counting calories and trying to watch all the other things (carbs, fiber, protein) I get overwhelmed and overeat or binge. I successfully lost ...
by skirch97 on 17 Apr 14 08:38 AM
High Protein Lower-Fat Options (Using whole, real foods)
Thanks. Great staple foods.
by Draglist on 17 Apr 14 08:18 AM
Garcinia Cambogia
ridiculous..... isn't it wholefoodnut? dr's have about 1 week of nutrition training and then dole out crap like this.... We all know that if it's not sustainable for life then it's ...
by mummydee on 17 Apr 14 05:34 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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