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low carb shake
i had a victory tonight i went for the low carb/reduced calorie bread and i was going to make a grilled cheese sandwich and instead i went for the atkins shake for dinner yayy go me love shelly.:d ;) ...
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started by rodsgurl, 6 years ago.   
A little challenge
A week with no soda. Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Diet Sprite...anything. I NEED it, but it slows down our weight loss. Did you know caffine is not a part of our diet? So I am giving everyone a little c ...
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started by baahh10.   
fried eggs
why im posting this i dont know but i am so into fried eggs cause there juicer then scrambled i think cause of the yolk. :d any way i am also really trying to drink alot more water then any thing else ...
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started by rodsgurl.   
low carb ice cream
OH MY GOSH! The low carb ice cream someone suggested was AMAZING! It was Bryers low carb ice cream, rocky road. It was ONLY 4 net carbs, and If you are an ice cream nut like I am you will LOVE IT!!!!!! ...
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started by baahh10.   
i so use to love swimming as a sort of excercise but since i almost lost my husband to swimming i dont swim any more any way i do walk and do strength training so that part is good i love you all loveto ...
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started by rodsgurl.   
what is your favorite low carb fruit ??
what is your favorite low carb fruit when allowed? mine is strawberries with whip cream i love it i think of it as an indulgence because i pretty like make a layedrd look in a wine glass and i put them ...
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started by rodsgurl.   
dodge ball
i so love dodgeball it is so cool i love it cause i get to hit people and get them out but i am usually out the 1st half but its been yesrs since ive played. any way have an awsome day and remember to ...
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started by rodsgurl, 6 years ago.   
leslie sansone products
who uses her dvds i know i do i love them and tommorow i am going to walk 2 miles to get the happy endorphines going i need to im tired of being sad and walked on instead of me doing the walking i loe ...
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started by rodsgurl.   
low carb snackies
here are some low carb snackies sliced cheese Kraft Live Active for digestive health 1 oz stick is <1 carb. how cool is that.:d :d :d :d :d so enjoy i like them
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started by rodsgurl.   
mowing the lawn
boy i mowed the lawn and i am so glad i did but i need to eat yet i havnt eattin yet dew to nerves about the situation going on in my life right now. any way i burned over 300 calories with is very good ...
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started by rodsgurl, 6 years ago.   
does anyone know
i'm looking for a chicken tender recipes.. thats made with parmesan cheese only no carbs but cant seem to find any on the web.. help i already have the darn chicken thawing out lol
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started by joanne4484.   
I just weighed myself for the first time this week, only to see I haven't lost any weight. UGH. I'm disgusted. I've stayed within my carb count every day. But I haven't been exercising ...
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started by Reina Estrella.   
Scales: analogue vs. digital
I started the diet with an analogue scale. I always liked them better. Somehow you can see the whole continuum of pounds and they seem more reliable/valid. I decided to go and buy a digital. The package ...
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started by ghera.   
A new challenge
I've noticed that during the day I loose track of all my carbs. I've decided to start a journal, and log it on here every night. I'm going to be using this space for that. I would like to ...
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started by baahh10.   
Want to have a weigh in ?
anybody interested in having a weigh-in in two weeks to keep from falling off the wagon?
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started by choth.   
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I am doing a very low fat and low carb diet right now. I have only about 2 more weeks of that then will be able to add more fat and calories in. then I will add back in carbs from potatoes and sugars. ...
by Nikihampton on 23 Jul 14 08:56 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I weigh myself once a week
by wendles1 on 23 Jul 14 07:55 AM
Tracking of Exercise
Hi - have you looked under the "Fitness" tab to see if there are other exercises that apply? Also, if you can't find what you want, you can add a custom exercise in your exercise diary. ...
by jwill77nc2 on 23 Jul 14 06:17 AM
New From Alabama
Welcome to the site - lots of good tools on the site and support from members.
by jwill77nc2 on 23 Jul 14 06:13 AM
stretch bands
I think it's light calisthenics. That is how I log my dumbbell exercise, elastic bands are similar.
by snezica on 23 Jul 14 06:05 AM
Personal settings
Pam, I also like seeing it in kilojoules but it can't be changed on the site. . . BUT you can set it on the phone app. I use the app to log food because I understand it better, but on this site I have ...
by AliceWartooth on 23 Jul 14 06:02 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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